We invest in courses and training on an ongoing basis. We were even recently nominated for the titles “Best Apprenticeship Company” and “Best Apprenticeship Master”. In view of the low rise in young people, we have taken the initiative in collaboration with other companies to create two training pools. One of these is called ‘Samenwerkingsverband timmerindustrie/ Carpentry Industry Cooperative' (in collaboration with the regional training college, ROC Nieuwegein) and is an initiative involving twenty other joineries. The cooperative employs young people that are interested in the joinery trade. These enthusiasts are always employed from within the pool to work with one of the collaborating companies for a few months. Within due course, say 2 years, these apprentices have gained experience and an impression of many different companies and choose one company to work for on a permanent basis. The second cooperative involves more than twenty companies in the furniture industry in close cooperation with the Wood and Furnishings college in Rotterdam.



Bos works for a wide range of clients. To give you an impression, we’ve made a list of the most memorable projects since 1965.

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