KOMO Concept III certificate

Timmerfabriek Bos was recently awarded the KOMO Concept III certificate by the SKH. This certificate defines the responsibilities between the client and the joinery. The joinery is responsible for installing, glazing and applying the finishing coat to facade products. Production and finishing is effected under controlled conditions, which delivers a product of high quality. Since the joinery is responsible for installing on site, it can offer a guarantee on the entire finished product.


Bos works for a wide range of clients. To give you an impression, we’ve made a list of the most memorable projects since 1965.

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Timmerfabriek Gebrs Bos BV
Zuidzijde 152, 2977 AM Goudriaan, The Netherlands
Tel. + 31 (0)183 - 583583
Email: info@tifabos.nl

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